How’s my Samoan?

So, gossip-teine replied to my second story I posted a few days ago: “Your written Samoan is pretty good. Personally I’m not used to reading ‘proper Samoan’ with the ‘T’s and stuff but it’s been good reading it. How’s your spoken Samoan compared to your written Samoan?”

My spoken Samoan is kinda shaky, at the moment. I don’t really have anyone I can converse with, via face to face or Skype or whatever. I can understand some things, if they are said slowly enough, and with enough enunciation, that I can pick out the words.

Maybe she and kenriki can help me out? XD I can offer you my Skype, and we can chat some time? Maybe? :P

Tala Lona Lua (Second Story)

Ok, so, it’s not 20 days til I leave, it’s 19, but I was busy yesterday, so here’s story #2.

Yesterday, I met up with a friend to transfer my phone account to her name, cuz they wanted to save me the $250 cancellation fee. On Tuesday, I called the company I was with (Rogers), and ask them what I need, in order to make the transfer. All they said was that the person having the account transferred over to needs to have 2 pieces of valid ID, not even Photo ID.

So we get to the store on Sunday, and say we want to transfer the account. The rep looks at me and says, “Do you have a valid piece of Photo ID?” “No,” I reply. “I wasn’t informed I needed one.” “I can’t transfer your account, unless you provide a piece of ID.” So I whip out my expired Photo Health Card, Birth Certificate, and Credit Card. He glances at them quickly and says, “I can’t accept any of those.”

"Why not? You have all of my information right in front of you, and all of these pieces of plastic have the exact same info on them. What’s the big deal?" "I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t lose my job, because you didn’t have the proper ID with you."

So, frustrated, I ask if my friend is willing to wait, while I run back to my house, to grab my only valid piece of Photo ID: My Passport. She says she is, and an hour later, I return with it. We go back into the store, and deal with a different rep than before, who calls Customer Service (which I could have done myself) and says, “Oh, no, you don’t need ID. Just the person who’s inheriting the account.” I was so angry, I was seeing red.

Anyways, long story short, after 2 hours of running around, and dealing with people who have no idea what they’re doing, they tell us that there’s a problem with the credit check, so they’ll need to call her on Tuesday -_-

If I ever come back to Canada, which I really hope I don’t, I am never going with Rogers again, and I doubt I’ll get a cell phone. Too much hassle, and yet another money sink.

Ananafi, na ou toe fa’atasi ma lo’u uo ona e fa’asui la’u telefoni ia te ia, ona na ia e fia e teu tupe a $250 mo le totologa. I Aso Lua talu ai, na ou vili atu i le kamupani (Rogers), ma fesili atu ia latou o le a mea ou te mana’omia ai, ina ia e fai le sui. Paua le mea latou na fai mai, o le tagata e maua le telefoni mana’omia le matauila e lua.

Na taunu’u ma’ua i le kamupani i Aso Sa, ma fai atu le tagata lea, ma te fia e sui le telefoni. O le tagata galue i na fa’afofoga mai, e fai mai, “E iai sou matauila?” “E leai,” na ou fai atu ia ia. “E le iloa a’u e mana’omia se mea na.” Na ou avatu ia te ia isi vaega, ae na ia fai mai, “e le mafai e fa’aoga na mea, sole.”

"Aisea? Ua iai lo’u fa’amatalaga i lou komputa, ma lo’u matauila uma. O le a le mea te fai?" "Talofae, sole, ae pe afai e le iai le matauila sa’o, e le mafai mo a’u e fesoasoani atu ia lau susuga."

Na fiu a’u, ae na ou fesili atu lo’u uo pe afai e fa’atali mai, ona o a’u e toe fo’i i le fale, ma maua lo’u matauila: lo’u Tusifolau. Na ia fai mai e mafai, ma i le tasi itula, na ou toe fo’i ia te ia. Na ma talanoa ma se isi tagata, ma ia vili atu i le kamupani (o se mea ua mafai a a’u e fai), ma ta’u mai, “e le mana’omia oe lou tusifolau. Na’o le tagata e maua le telefoni mana’o matauila.” Ua ita tele a’u, na ou va’ai le lanu mumu.

E fai lai’iti’iti le tala, i le umaga a lua itula, latou na fai ia ma’ua, e iai se mea leaga i le siaki a le fa’a’aitalafu, ma latou mana’omia e vili atu lo’u uo i Aso Lua. -_-

Pe afai ou te toe fo’i ie Kanata, ou te fa’amoemoe tele e le tupu, o le a ou le maua se telefoni fou. Tele ni ita ma tupe. Ou te le fia maua le mea na.

Once again, sorry for the long post, but I hope you enjoyed the story of my latest escapades XD

@kenriki, and gossip-teine, if you could do the honours of checking my translating, I’d greatly appreciate it :)

Manuia le aso!

Indeed it is.


Petition to put Teen Titans on Netflix after 6 freaking years.

First Story (Tala Muamua)

Ok, so I haven’t been making posts everyday, and that’s mostly because I forgot lol >_> So I’ll at least make one post every 5 days, with reblogs having a Samoan translation of what I said.

With that, here’s my first story. Hope you enjoy it :)

This is a story about how I got the scar in the middle of my forehead. When I was about 4 years old, I was playing the original Legend of Zelda for the NES about 5 inches from the screen (not really, but I was too close to the screen).

As I was playing, I kept grabbing my crotch, because I had to use the bathroom. However, not wanting to pause the game, I didn’t bother going. My Mum saw me do this, repeatedly, and asked “Do you need to use the bathroom?” “No,” I said, as I continued to grab at my crotch.

The next minute, I dropped the controller, and bolted down the hallway. My Mum called after me, “Where are you going?!” “To the bathroom,” I call over my shoulder. As I turn back to see where I was going, I hit the corner of a wall, and fall on my back.

Long story short, I was rushed to the hospital, and had 3-5 stitches to seal up the wound, but not before it started healing up. Now I have a Harry Potter-esque scar, and a funny story to tell.

O lenei tala, o le a ou fa’amatala le auala na ou maua le ma’ila i lo’u ulu. I le vaitimi a lo’u Fa tausaga, na ou ta’alo le “Legend of Zelda” muamua, ae lo’u mata ua latalata i le TV.

I lo’u ta’aloga, na ou tago so’o lo’u mea, aua o le mana’omia a a’u e fa’aoga le fale uila, ae na ou le fia e soia le ta’aloga. Na va’aia lo’u Tina na ou faia lena mea, ma fesili mai, “Sole. E mana’omia oe le fale uila?” “Leai,” na ou tali atu ia ia, ae na tago pea a’u.

I le minute talu ai, na ou mataga le controller, ma tamo’e i le atoa i le fale uila. Na vala’au mai lo’u Tina, “Ea, fea e te alu ai?!” “I le fale uila,” na ou tali atu lo’u tau’au. I le taimi na ou toefo’i lo’u mata i luma, na ou tamo’e i le tulimanu a le pa, ma pa’u i lo’u tua.

Na ma alu i le fale ma’i, ma na ou maua tolu ia lima su’iga, ona o le lavea na amata e mafu. Taimi nei, ua iai se ma’ila ua tutusa a Harry Potter, ma se tala malie.

Thanks everyone for reading. Sorry for the long post. I’ll make sure the next story is a short one :p

Fa’afetai mo le faitau mai. Fa’amalie atu mo le tala umi. O le a ou taumafai e fai se tala la’iti’iti. :p

kenriki & gossip-teine, what do you think? How’s my Samoan, after 10 years of not speaking it? Honest opinion, please :)



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